Organising a Naming Ceremony for your Child

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A growing number of parents are seeking an alternative to the traditional Church Christening and they are finding a real solution in a Naming Ceremony provided by a Family & Civil Celebrant

So, what is a Naming Ceremony? Why is it different from a Christening? Why should you choose a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a secular (non-religious) ceremony. It is not restricted by words, music or venue.

Many Naming Ceremonies are held at the family home or grandparents homes, or if the guest list is too large then at a suitable nearby venue that may be hired.

It is possible to hold an outdoor ceremony in a local park (subject to any council restrictions or regulations), a beach maybe, almost anywhere that has meaning for you. The only concern with that is the famous British weather!

How the ceremony is structured, the words used and any music played will be entirely up to you and will reflect your own culture and ethos and your hopes and aspirations for your little one.

There are no real age restrictions on naming a child, the ceremony can be held as a baby or a toddler. Both bring their joys and challenges!

The traditional title of Godparents is replaced with “supporting adults” or “mentors”, the choice of wording is yours, but these will be friends or family members who will attest that they will be there to guide and support your child as he or she grows up throughout their lives whatever that may require.

It is important to understand that a Celebrant Naming Ceremonies are not legally binding and carry no legal status. That being said, if you are of no faith it probably has far more meaningful in reality to you as a family than a Christening.

With Steve Brown at Amicus Celebrants you will however receive a beautiful printed certificate to record the event. Other additional items that can be given to the mentors, grandparents or siblings can be discussed and are available at an extra and   fairly nominal cost. These can include, special candles, time capsules etc.

As a father and grandfather Steve knows only too well the happiness and joy that a new addition brings to any family. “We love spending time with our children” said Steve. “Of course now we have our three grandchildren we are kept even busier and with a fourth promised later in 2018 our joy will grow”

Steve understands through his own family the importance of welcoming little ones into a loving and caring family and naming any child is a hugely important part of that. Through that understanding and love of children Steve can really work with you to create the most special day that you will all remember for the rest of your lives.


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