Our circumstances may all differ, our time of life, our age, our relationship, but the one constant is that confronting the death and the loss of someone close is seldom easy and something you should not have to face alone.

Our life’s end is also a part of our living. It is an inevitable occurrence and Just as certain for all of us no matter who we are.

This time of life can be a testing and difficult time for those left behind. The pain of loss and grief is a natural reaction and process that we will all have to face at some time in our lives.

Each and every day shared with your loved ones has been a precious journey filled with memories and of happier times.

Thank you for all you said and did yesterday to make Dad’s day so special. You really have touched us as a family. We will never forget your warmth and kindness and your beautiful tribute to Dad. Thank you again Steve.

Best wishes Sarah xxx

When it comes to saying our goodbyes at a funeral it is of course a sad time, but is also a time to reflect and rejoice in that love and those precious times that you spent together in your lives.

There is no text book, no guide to grief. Your grief is your own and each and every one of us is unique in the way in which we handle with it.

So, if there are no text books, no rules for grieving then why limit your funeral ceremony to a certain format? Why not have the words you want, the music you want, the whole ceremony the way you want.

You may have religious beliefs or you may have none, or you may feel that you fit in a sort of hallway house on those views. No matter, because when you choose me to help you build, write and present your loved one’s funeral ceremony it will be just what you want. We can include hymns, and religious readings and scripts if you wish, we can have no mention or we can enjoy a mix of both. I make no judgement. I have written and performed ceremonies for Christians, Pagans and Atheists and Agnostics. It matters not. What matters is that what we do is what you want.

When you appoint me as your Funeral Celebrant you will find a friend who will be with you with unlimited time to hold you hand and give you the very best advice and guidance.

We will meet, usually in the comfort and security of your own home and gently and sympathetically construct the exact ceremony that you and your loved ones would have wanted. We will learn together about their likes, dislikes, hobbies and pastimes. We will learn together about the very essence of what made them the character and personality they were, and together we will create a wonderful funeral for them. We will be together as one from that point on and you have unlimited access to me for all of the guidance and support you need any time of day or night.

It is my role and responsibility to help you and your family make sure everything about the ceremony, expresses what is truly in your hearts and minds and everything you want to say.

And if a family member is far away, even overseas, then we can arrange to have them with us on Skype or Facetime or similar and include them in the meeting.

Together making sure the service truly reflects the one you're saying farewell too.

Whenever you wish to avail yourself of my services ready, send me email via my contact page, or call me directly on 07783618233, or instruct your chosen funeral director to appoint and they will contact me on your behalf.  It is whatever works best for you that is of prime importance.

I am also comfortable and experienced in working with the still living but who are terminally ill and who wish to plan their own funeral…yes it does happen! Please contact me for more information on this service.

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We cannot thank u enough for today. It was perfect. You are/were so professional and got dad and us to a T. It was the most perfect send off and we will never forget it. The whole family loved it. Thank u for listening to our thoughts about dad n transferring it into the most fantastic service. It felt like you had known dad all his life. You are a very special person.