Dogs really can be your best friend when you need one most

It is widely believed that dogs have been our friends and companions for about 32,000 years. In the United Kingdom it is estimated that there are around 8.5 million dogs living in homes as pets. Owning a dog can really enhance our lives in many many ways. They are always happy to see us when we Read More

So, when do you start to plan your funeral?…Yes yours!

It’s your funeral… How many times do you hear someone say “that’s just what he/she would have wanted” or worse “he/she wouldn’t have like that as a send off” So, who is to blame if it’s not what you would have wanted? You are. As the title of this blog states…”It’s your Funeral” When is Read More

Stephen Sutton – My Tribute to a brave and selfless man

Stephen Sutton was probably one of the bravest and philanthropic individuals this country has or possibly will ever see. As of today Stephens’s original £10000 fundraising target has achieved over £3,500,000! And continues to grow daily helping The Teenage Cancer Trust continue its good works with our young people in need. Stephen was born on 16 Read More